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Religion of the Modern Buddhist

Religion of the Modern Buddhist

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Lakshmi Narasu
Religion of the Modern Buddhist
“With the increase in variety and intensity of voluntary activity grows and expands the individual self. All this activity is only the result of a highly developed and complex neuronic machinery.

In a general way, it is society that, by the power it wields over the minds of its members, arouses in them the notion of the divine. Everything obligatory is of social origin, and all authoritative religion is a social phenomenon.

Men may differ in the degree of their capacities, but they posses capacities of the same type. Thinking is not the function of an exclusive caste or race nor is it a function that can be inherited.”

“Professor Narasu…. fought European arrogance with patriotic fervor, orthodox Hinduism with iconoclastic zeal, heterodox Brahmins with a nationalistic vision and aggressive Christianity with a rationalistic outlook, all under the inspiring banner of….the teaching of the great Buddha” – BR Ambedkar 

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