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Critical Quest is not a commercial venture. It is a self-financed publication effort.

Proprietor: Josna T Jacob
Editor: Gnana Aloysius

420, G-Block, Phase VI, Aya Nagar, New Delhi-110047

Josna and Aloysius have spent more than fifteen years as socio-political activists among the tribals of Jharkhand. Among their several activities there, they have also been retrieving, recording and distributing through publications the fast vanishing traditions of tribal assertions for collective identity and autonomy down the history. Such an activity running parallel to the political struggles of the tribals could be viewed to have considerably promoted solidarity and boosted up their morale and confidence. This experience of theirs is here sought to be broadened through the insight that for the consolidation and conservation of the gains of the economic and political struggles of the vast subalternised social groups it is necessary to root them within their own earlier rational-liberative culture, tradition and history. The creation through the spread of critical consciousness, of alternative culture-ideological hegemony is the duty of those concerned with and committed to people-oriented social transformation.