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Dalit-Subaltern Self-Identifications Iyothee Thassar & Tamizhan

Dalit-Subaltern Self-Identifications Iyothee Thassar & Tamizhan

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G. Aloysius
Dalit-Subaltern Self-Identifications Iyothee Thassar & Thamizhan

"The parallel and often counter mobilizations of the countless number of colonially subalternised and Sanskritic-Brahminically excluded social groups had been slow, attenuated and sporadic. As suggested above, these latter – the majority – had hoped for and initially made significant efforts towards egalitarian merger into a larger socio-political identity, but soon enough learned that a new sociality, there was not going to be, and the call by the Sanskritic-Brahminical was unambiguously for subordinate inclusion.
There however, was no unpredictability as to the stand the journal would take on the different aspects of the issue: for one thing, the earlier Tamizhan had laid out comprehensively its own ideological stand on all the major issues of history, culture and society; and as modern politics unfolded itself on the basis and out of these, there definitely was going to be a continuity of perspective in the new journal; secondly the broad polarization that was taking shape within society at large was also a continuity in the sense that it was already visible in Iyothee Thassar’s times, and the later developments in broad outlines at least, were only elaborations of the earlier beginnings." 

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