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Critical Management Studies

Critical Management Studies

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Paul S. Adler et al.
Critical Management Studies

To begin, it might be useful to illustrate what we mean by critical. We take teamwork as an example. In a large body of mainstream research, teamwork is presented as a means by which managers can more effectively mobilize employees to improve business performance...

While issues of work organization such as teamwork form an important part of the body of CMS scholarship, CMS today addresses a wide variety of management issues in a broad range of fields-not only OB-HRM and OT, but also industrial relations, strategy, accounting, information systems research, inter- national business, marketing, and so forth..
Poststructuralist critics contest the assertion that there are real mechanisms that science can detect (rather than construct; see Willmott, 1996). They argue that critical realism's universalizing claims result in an authoritarian view of science as the font of objective, impartial knowledge..

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