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Contemporary Caste System

Contemporary Caste System

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Bharat Patankar
Contemporary Caste System

A system in which production gives more than is necessary for an abundant existence is one in which "surplus" is created. Such surplus is fundamental for a society of varied production......

On the basis of these two realities - the superficial reality and the reality of the laws of motion of the caste mode of production - we can now talk about the existing structure of the caste system under the domination of the bourgeois mode of production......
To say anything about caste and culture we have to understand that the caste system is not like any other system of exploitation which by and large has binary relations of class exploitation. But it is hierarchical exploitation with a division within the exploited castes which is a division based on one exploited caste taking part in exploitation of the lower castes in whatever partial manner while transferring the surplus to the higher castes......... 

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