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Dravidar Kazhagam

Caste Should be destroyed-why?

Caste Should be destroyed-why?

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Thandai Periyar

First Edition - 2023

It is only in India where people of one nation stand divided into so many castes by birth. Generally, caste is known to be the creation of god only among the hindus who have enslaved themselves to the aryas, who concocted four varunas viz. brahmanas, Kshatriyas, vaisyas and sutras and put them in the order of hierarchy one below the other respectively, sutras at the lowest rung. If, according to them, god has created only four varunas, how come then there are so many castes among the Hindus? There are evidences to believe that all these umpteen number of castes are the result of cross marriage and immoral sexual relationship between these varunas; to begin with, the result was the existence of ‘panchama castes’. These panchama castes include major castes prevalent in Tamilnadu; for example, vellalas, who consider themselves as superior to all the other castes, are the product of the immoral sex between brahmin men and Kshatriya women; others who fall in this category are ‘savarnas’ and ‘telungas’. Of these vellalas, those who work in offices are called ‘velan samanthas’; this is evident from the books such as Suprabodagam, Brahmapuranam, Vaihanasam, Madaviyam and sathivilakkam. It is also said in these sources that those who are born of wedlock between Brahmin men and vaisya women are ‘ambattas’ and those born of illegal sex between them are ‘kuyavas’ and ‘navidas’. Similarly those who are born of wedlock between Brahmin men and sutra women are ‘baradavas’ or ‘sembadavas’ and those out of illegal sex between them are ‘vedavas’ and ‘sandalas’. Those who are born of illegal sex between sandalas men and Brahmin women are ‘sakkiliyas’ or ‘sarumakkaras’; those who are out of such contact between sandala men and Kshatriya women are ‘venugas’ (musicians of a sort) ‘kanagas’(goldsmiths) and ‘saaliyas’(weavers). Thus, all the castes, prevalent now, are the result of legitimate and illegitimate sexual relationship between the people of four varunas and the resultant castes. All these are clearly stated in books like Abhidhanakosam and Abhidhana Sindamani, which are profusely quoted and referred to by the Hindu scholars. These books mention more shameful things about chettiyars and aacharyars too. So, upholding castes means accepting all these shameful things.

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