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Naorem Sanajoba
AFSPA: A Law Review

"The apex court upheld the statute on 27 November, 1997, by overlooking the gross human rights violations since 1958, whereas it could have struck down the black law on the grounds of its incompatibility with the Rule of Law and the ICCPR, 1966 to which India is a State Party.

"The obvious contradiction lies in the fact that the justification for colonization or, re-colonization through Colonial Statute after the lapse of Colonialism is totally absurd and false. "By criticizing the black law - AFSPA 1958 and the license to shoot and kill any citizen merely on suspicion, SHRDC observes, "These provisions give a broad license to extra judicially execute" innocent and suspected persons under the disguise of maintaining law and order. "The deep structured political and nationality questions that characterize the turmoil in the North-Eastern states, Manipur in particular for half a century deserve political attention and resolution."

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