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The Role of Bhagavad Gita in Indian History

The Role of Bhagavad Gita in Indian History

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  1. The Rise and Decline of Indian Philosophy 
  2. The Quest for Knowledge
  3. Sacerdotal Supremacy
  4. An Era of Intellectual Dialogues
  5. The Six Schools of Liberation
  6. Flowering of Thought
  7. The Buddhist Revolution
  8. The Fruits of the Revolution
  9. Rise of Neo-Brahminism
  10. Conflict, Clash and Confusion 


  1. The Teachings of the Bhagavad-Gita 
  2.  The Author and His time 
  3. · The Bewildered Intellectual 
  4. · The Skilful Mentor .
  5. Synthesising Diverse Concepts 
  6. Contradictions and Inconsistencies
  7. War on Non-Believers
  8. Complete Surrender to God
  9. Stand up and Fight 
  10. Brahmanism by Backdoor
  11. Desireless Work
  12. Murder with Impunity 


  1. Influence of the Gita on Indian History 
  2. Supreme Among the Scriptures
  3. Acute Differences over the Doctrines
  4. Emergence of Hinduism
  5. A False Prosperity
  6. Plunge into Darkness
  7. A Pleasant Interlude
  8. Anarchy and Callousness
  9. Old Wine in New Bottles 
  10. The Golden Epoch
  11. Bharat Mata Comes into Her Own
  12. Revolt of Godmen (i)
  13. Revolt of Godmen (ii)
  14. Revolt of Godmen (iii)
  15. Revolt of Godmen (iv)
  16. Triumph of Hindu Nationalism (i)
  17. Triumph of Hindu Nationalism (ii)
  18. Triumph of Hindu Nationalism (iii)
  19. Under the Congress Raj (i)
  20. Under the Congress Raj (ii)
  21. Under the Congress Raj (iii)
  22. Under the Congress Raj (iv)
  23. What is Indian Culture? 
  24. The Perspective


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