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Reservations A Socio-Legal Perspective

Reservations A Socio-Legal Perspective

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K. Balagopal
Reservations A Socio-Legal Perspective

"Another thing that has equally surprised observers is the inability of the BCs to unite and defend their rights. Muralidhar Rao estimated their number as 52 per cent of the population.
That non-recognition goes with the appropriation the material wealth produced by them. …. If a democratic revolution had properly taken place in India, and if modern science and technology had grown out of the knowledge the working people possess, perhaps we would have broken philosophically with this Brahminical epistemology, but instead of that we have completely destroyed even the basis for the traditional knowledge the working people of this country possess and grafted on to our economy the science and technology borrowed from abroad in the form of textbooks, which again has been monopolized by the very same Brahmins who have established a monopoly of knowledge." 

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