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Empowerment of the Other Backward Classes and State Policy

Empowerment of the Other Backward Classes and State Policy

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K Kondala Rao
OBC and State Policy

The objective of this study is to present as far as possible a comprehensive and critical account of the historical facts of the process of empowerment of the Other Backward Classes in the context of the gap between the Constitutional promise, its construction and the present status of opportunity-sharing and surrounding reasons. This essay is divided into seven sections.......

When the amendment of draft Article 296, as modified by Dr. Ambedkar came up for debate in the Constituent Assembly while members like Dr. P. S. Deshmukh and Guptanath Singh who were earlier promised by Mr. Munshi and Dr. Ambedkar, repeatedly insisted for inclusion of "Backward Classes" also along with SCs and STs in the said Article, members from upper castes like Pundit Thakurdas Bhargava and R. K. Sidhwa who had gone to the extent of expressing that he did not want backward classes at all to be mentioned in our Constitution, opposed the inclusion of backward classes; and Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and K. M. Munshi, kept silent as commented by Guptanath Singh .......

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