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Cultivator's Whipcord

Cultivator's Whipcord

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Jotirao Govindrao Phule : Cultivator's Whipcord

Over and above the annual festivals and rituals mentioned above, the occasional eclipses of the moon and the sun, the turnings of the planets are occasions for the Bhat-Brahmans to take all manner of donations and feasts, walking the lanes of the farmers’ houses turn by turn……
After this, the Aryans were appointed as kulkarnis in various villages and included in their own religion some of the cowardly dasyus like Pralhad, who, while holding an enmity with the Arya Brahmans did nothing about it from beginning to end……
That the fifty-six kingdoms here neglected the republican state, and therefore the dasyus were defeated by the Arya Brahmans and are being exploited till date is indubitable, as if the fact that this was appropriate justice for their actions, but the Grecians beyond Iran from the beginning valued the republic and it was close to their heart.

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