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Collected Works of Periyar E.V.R

Collected Works of Periyar E.V.R

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1879Sep17 PERIYAR E.V. RAMASAMY was born at Erode town in Tamil Nadu State - India Father : VENKATA (NAICKER) A popular rich merchant; Ardent devotee of Hindu religion. (A Vaishnavite)Mother : CHINNA THAYAMMAL alias MUTHAMMAL Brother-Elder : E.V. Krishnasamy SistersYounger : KANNAMMAL;PONNUTHOY
1885Age6 * He was sent to a small primary school normally run at a House - pial in those days.
1889Age10 * His school career ended within 5 years.
1891Age12 * He entered into his father’s trade.
1895 * He used to hear Tamil Vaishnav religious Gurus talks on mythologies at his house, enjoying their hospitability. As a boy, he started questioning the contradictions and illusions in the fables of Hindu deities spread by the Aryan Race ie., Brahmins for subjugating Dravidian Race. * Blossoming of rationalism and atheism slowly in the brain of this youth - Ramasamy. *He married NAGAMMAL, aged 13. *He reformed his orthadox wife and sowed rationalistic views
1898 in her mind.
1900 He became the father of a female - child which expired within 5 months and thereafter he had no children.
1904 * He undertook “renunciation” of family because of the harsh reprimand by his father. * He went first to Vijayawada in Andhra State. Then he proceeded to Hyderabad and Kolkat

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